Course: ENG 304

Professor: Michael J. Cripps

In this class students are opened up to the world of reading and writing on the web to a whole new level. Lessons help students develop a deeper understanding of how the web works by doing things like learning code, writing a blog/making a website, and creating online content. By the end of the course, students will have solid skills in coding as well as an organized website displaying portfolio work as well as an online resume.

Course Description: “This course takes a hands-on approach to exploring reading and writing in digital (Web) environments. Students in the course consider ways that digital writing environments create opportunities for writers to address multiple audiences, to bring together visual and alphabetic texts, and to involve readers in the construction of those texts. Students in the course will develop a variety of digital texts, including blogs, websites, and wikis. Students’ work will be collected in an e-portfolio designed and assembled over the course of the term. 3.000 Credit hours.”